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Rear End Command Correspondence Report!!

Rode west to the National where the mountains are endless,
Cause I knew when I got there I would’ nt be friendless.

Those Dead Horse arrived from all over the Planet,
Who cared if most suffered from Obsessive Manic.

Chatter and Linda of the Ranch were the masters,
Ronzoni rejoiced when it rained like a bastard.

Guzzy’s machine just turned two hundred thousand,
Double O and Kim in the ponds were carousin.

Pervert and Big Twin in a tent like a mansion,
Mike on his good leg was Irish Jig dancin.

Hans toad and Carol their Beemers a ridin,
Heuy by Jo Ann’s Motel window was hidin.

Joe Slick and Tuber were both there observing,
John Guinness and Ryan tradition preserving.

Julia and Geno rolled in with high style,
Roger and Bamma had ridden long miles.

Big Al was wondering what happened to Whitey,
The Lord sent some lighting to prove he was mighty.

Duel Sport John Murry sure rode like the thunder,
Kept so close behind us it was quite a wonder.

Ducati Domestic with his new love so happy,
In the morning ate fruit and no longer felt crappy,

Some could’ nt be there like Paulie the Biker,
Beerhead got mad when we called him a Piker.

Dirty amazed us those eggs he was cracking,
Bandanni missed Patty cause she was home napping.

Ed Sled hung out his cigar was a smokin,
His pals up from Carnie on Harleys a strokin.

Marvoloso the Soldier said the Dead Horse were pissers,
So next time if you can’t come send your mothers and sisters.

"Red Rocket 21"
Poet -- Efflatulatus Rally Correspondent

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